DS Dashboard V3

DS Dashboard V3


Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard is a comprehensive solution to streamline all operations with tokenized securities. A user-friendly interface that streamlines the process of issuing, managing, and trading security tokens and tokenized assets.

It offers various tools and features for both issuers and investors, allowing them to interact with the ecosystem seamlessly. Issuers can create and manage their security token offerings (STOs) using the dashboard, set up compliance rules, and monitor the performance of their assets. Investors, on the other hand, can access the platform to invest in compliant STOs, track their investments, and participate in secondary trading.

➡️ Product functionality and features

Separated environments for issuers and investors

The solution offers two separate interfaces for investors and corporate users. Investor functionality involves simplified interaction with security tokens, where the corporate interface is a control panel for the issuer.

Complete and immutable transaction history

Security tokens are located on the blockchain, records of which cannot be faked or compromised. All changes are initiated directly in the blockchain by the users of the DS Dashboard.

Multi-blockchain support

The system supports any EVM-compatible blockchain, which allows to significantly increase the potential audience of the project, as well as significantly save on commissions since the cost of transactions in different networks is different.

Advanced smart contracts to ensure compliance

Comprehensive smart contracts allow full management of corporate security tokens, taking into account various scenarios and requirements for compliance procedures.

Sleek and glossy UX/UI

DS Dashboard is designed by the best product designers and is a benchmark in complex user interfaces. Simplification of complex procedures, step-by-step flow, convenient mobile design.

Multiple security tokens support

DS Dashboard supports multiple security tokens, which allows the issuer to manage their digital finances more flexibly. For example, one security token may represent a preferred share of the issuer, whereas the other may be structured as a bond.

Manual and automatic KYC & AML

All transactions with security tokens must be carried out following user identification and compliance procedures. DS Dashboard allows you to independently manage the list of investors, as well as transfer the verification procedures to a qualified KYC provider.

On-chain corporate governance

The issuer can independently manage any rights of the issued securities. There are hundreds of possible scenarios in the life cycle of securities when a company needs to be able to implement its decisions. From controlling the distribution of shares of company participants to blocking and subsequent distribution of assets in the event of litigation.

Self-management of issuer’s profile

After customizing the DS Dashboard for the client, most of the changes could only be made via Stoboх support. But not more. Now the issuer can independently make multiple changes to its environment and carry out the necessary updates without resorting to the help of Stobox.

Blockchain-based roles and permission management

Managing the issuer's environment implies not a single manager, but a complex network of roles and rights assigned by the administrator. Separation of rights allows an issuer to assign responsibility for specific procedures and fully manage internal risks.

Atomic swap to ensure instant settlement

The functionality allows to significantly reduce the time for manual transfer of security tokens, as well as significantly simplify some processes, such as fundraising. The functionality provides automatic sending of security tokens when they are paid by a validated investor.

Dynamic cap table management

The issuer has access to the current register of security token holders at any time. A complete understanding of the ongoing situation with tokenholders and corporate governance allows to effectively manage corporate’s digital finance.

Multiple Security Token Offerings support

DS Dashboard allows conducting several STOs at the same time, which, on the one hand, does not contradict the laws and regulations, on the other hand, gives the issuer additional opportunities to attract additional attention of investors.

Dividends distribution functionality

The function of automatic distribution of dividends using stablecoins. Accrual in one transaction and the ability to generate reports.

Identity verification provider (KYC) integration

Integration with an external KYC provider for the convenience of our customers. The provider will fully assume the function of checking documents and validating investors from all over the world.

On-chain identity integration

A solution that allows you to store personal data in the blockchain and provide them if necessary and upon request. Identification occurs by a validated address in the blockchain, assigned by the operator to a specific user. Full in accordance with the GDPR legislation.

Integration Progress in DS Dashboard V3

An EVM-compatible blockchain protocol that frames operations with tokenized assets and security tokens in accordance with international rules and regulations.

➡️ Product future functionality and features

DS Dashboard V3 Auto-deploy

This powerful feature will enable any STO issuer to issue compliant, regulated assets with ease. By simply installing the DS Dashboard and following the automated setup, issuers can complete the deployment process in hours rather than days, significantly reducing the time to market.

Web3 SaaS Subscriptions

DS Dashboard V3 will introduce web3 subscriptions in the form of ERC1155 NFTs, which will be payable in Stobox Token. This model will leverage the power of blockchain technology to ensure a seamless, decentralized payment and subscription experience.

Security Token Issuance Factory

This innovative feature involves a suite of unique smart contracts designed to automatically deploy security token contracts. This eliminates the need for manual interference from Stobox developers, making the process more efficient and scalable.

User Experience Enhancements

In line with our commitment to user-centric design, continuous improvements will be made to enhance the user experience. We will consistently iterate and refine the DS Dashboard based on user feedback and technological advancements, ensuring that our platform remains intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient.