DS Swap V2

DS Swap V2


DS Swap V2 is a next-generation decentralized exchange (DEX) designed specifically for compliant digital assets, such as security tokens.

Given the stringent regulations and restrictions that accompany securities, the enforcement of compliance is a key focus of DS Swap V2.

➡️ Product functionality and features

Creating Liquidity Pools

A Liquidity Pool (LP) is a concept central to most decentralized exchanges. In essence, it is a pool of tokens locked in a smart contract, providing liquidity for traders to swap between different tokens. Traders can trade against the liquidity pool, rather than another trader, which allows for immediate and seamless transactions. In DS Swap V2, users can create their own liquidity pools, contributing to the overall liquidity of the platform and earning fees on trades made with their provided liquidity.

Adding and Removing Liquidity

DS Swap V2 enables users to add or remove liquidity from pools while ensuring that compliance practices are maintained. This means that operations performed on the platform are executed in accordance with the necessary legal and regulatory frameworks, providing a safe and compliant environment for trading digital assets.

Integrating SBIDs and Progress Functionalities

DS Swap V2 integrates SBIDs and Progress functionalities to further enhance its compliance measures and improve user experience. This will provide users with a more streamlined and efficient trading platform, making it easier to comply with regulations while engaging in trading activities.

Custom Commissions on Swaps

DS Swap V2 allows for custom commissions on swaps, which offers an additional layer of flexibility for users. However, it's important to note that trading commissions on securities require special licensing due to the regulated nature of these financial instruments. This means that only those entities or individuals who have obtained the necessary licenses can legally charge trading commissions. DS Swap V2, in its role as a compliant platform, ensures that this regulatory requirement is adhered to.

In essence, DS Swap V2 provides a platform that's not just decentralized but also compliant, offering a secure and legally sound environment for trading digital assets.